16-Mar-2019 - 23-Mar-2019

How to earn $0.5 million in two years by Pamela Lim

09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Singapore Management University

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People often ask me why some of my students are wildly successful as entrepreneurs. Since I started teaching entrepreneurship in 2004 in the university at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, many of my students have become multi-millionnaires.

Many have asked me the secret to their success. Indeed, I have seen some students earning tens of millions a year, some even more. And as to why so many under my tutelage are so successful? It is largely because they are hardworking, and they possess knowledge and tenacity.

In this new series of my entrepreneurship program, I will be showing you how to make your own half a million in two years. Yes, I am so confident, that I will refund you the course fees if you do not make your half a buck in two years.

What is the catch?

1. You have to spend one weekend (day and night) with me in a lecture theature doing some serious work. After that, I will track you for two years! You have to be focussed and hardworking. You can keep your day job initially, but I require you to submit your homework without excuse (even if you are traveling, even if your grandfather is getting married). If you submit your work late (without prior agreement from me or the TA) or do not submit your work at all, the agreement to refund will be void.

2. When you have earned that $0.5m, your income will not stay there, in fact, it will snow ball. I ask that you spend 5% to 10% of your profits/income on a good cause, and specifically, Education. Go back to your alma mater and start a scholarship or contribute to an education fund. As long as you are earning this kind of income. I recognize that there is a limit to how much good I can do, but if I empower more people, we can contribute incredibly. And then, pass it on. Help someone and tell them to pay it forward.


1. You have to find a way to pay for this seminar fee. I assure you that the fees will be used to build schools in South east asian countries or sunk into research to benefit many children who otherwise are at risk of not being educated.

2. You have to raise some money to buy your own inventory, we will work together who your suppliers are later, based on your own passion. This is not paid to me. Normally, a credit of at least (not average of) US$3000.

3. You must work really hard during these 2 years (2 hours a day, in addition to your day job). If, in your first year, you make more than half a million, be ready to quit your job.

4. If your family salary is below $2000, on condition that you do (1), (2) and (3), I will refund you all the course fees after 2 years. If your family salary is less than S$3,000, I will refund you half. I will not initiate the refund, you must initiate it.

5. Join us with a positive mindset, and be ready to change your own life.

6. You will need a network device, like a laptop, a PC, tablet/iPad or a smart phone (in order of preference).

Important Note: not all my students are wildy successful financially. There are always those who choose not to pursue, some who have other priorities.

I seldom repeat my entrepreneur series because it takes a lot of effort to organize. So if you are interested, please sign up early. These seminars are often fully booked.

Change your own life, it is possible. I have witnessed too many to believe otherwise.

*Event: It will be two full days: March 16 and 23.

**The refund is subject to $100 admin fees.


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